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Watch The Quick Explainer Video Below ⬇️ 

Step 1: Watch The Training Videos Below. Both Parents & Child (Student) Must Watch BEFORE the call 🍿

**If you don't watch the training video before the information session & live demo we will ask you to re-schedule**

Step 2: Ensure Your Child Watches At Least 1-2 Sample Lesson(s) In Full Before The Call 🎥🎓🔥

**If your child doesn't watch the sample lessons we will have to ask you to re-schedule**

Year 12 Transformations of Functions Part 1

Year 12 Mechanics Variable Acceleration Exam Class

Year 12 Intro To Logs & Exponentials Part 1

Year 12 Binomial Cumulative Distribution

Year 13 Differentiation & Optimisation Exam Class

Year 13 Implicit Differentiation

Year 13 Trig & Integration Exam Class

Year 13 Connected Rates of Change

Year 13 Trig: Addition & Double Angle Formulae

Year 13 Moments, Integration & Proof Exam Class

Year 13 Applied Exam Class

Year 13 Parametric Integration

Step 3: Watch Our Student Interviews 🎥🎓🔥

Aran Went From Cs to B/A 🏆

Deborah Went From D/Cs to B/As 🏆

Daniel Went From Cs to As ⭐️

Kaish Went From D/C to B/A 🏆

Aliza Improved Grades & Confidence 

Randeep Went From C to A 🔥

Ryan Smashed It & Got An A* 

Hesham Went from C to A

Randeep Got An A

Jessica Got An A* 

Kieran Went from D to an A in 16 Weeks! 

Amelia Went From D to B in 16 Weeks & Got Into Her First Choice Uni

She is so excited to attend the lesson!

IMPORTANT: Please Read

Thanks for scheduling your call.

✅ I have sent you confirmation of your call time and date via email, please make sure that you put this in your calendar now so you don't forget. 

✅ If you don't think you'll be able to make the appointment that you set, we ask you to please be considerate to those who might also want to chat with us, and please reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled call time to make room for others. Please be respectful of our time. 

✅ Ensure you have watched the ALL the training videos before your call on this page. In this video you'll learn about our 4 step Accelerator method to help your child achieve a grade A in A-level maths. This will help you understand a little bit about "how" we help students get great results. 

✅ We understand you might have questions about choosing the right tutor for your child. Please prepare all questions before hand.

✅ You will have an email with the zoom link for our call. We will be on the call at the precise time that you selected, please make sure that you are ready at that time. 

✅ Please make sure that you join the zoom call on your laptop/computer, are in a quiet room and do not take the call from your car or any other noisy place. The better the environment, the better our time together.

✅ Please ensure you attend the call with your child & partner. We want everyone to be present so they can see how we can help. 

✅ If you have any questions before or after your call, please send me an email:

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I look forward to helping you get top grades in A-Level Maths and achieve massive success!

- Amrit 

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  • is there a trial? (SAMPLE LESSONS)

  • HOW much will this cost?

  • DO you teach all the lessons?

  • what makes this unique?

  • Can we see reviews?

Is there a trial?

Unfortunately we just don't have the bandwidth to offer free live trials. However we want you to be confident in your decision. You can watch the 11 sample lessons above from current cohorts to get a 'feel' for the teaching and structure. You'll know within 10-15 mins whether this is something you'll want to be a part of. 

Watch at least 1-2 sample lessons in full before you speak with us. 

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