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*Limited Spaces. We only work with a handful of students at a time. Both Parents & Students must be present*

A-Level Maths Isn't So Bad... But Further Maths Is...

I often hear from students who are excelling in A-Level Mathematics, scoring as high as 90%. However, when it comes to Further Maths, they encounter significant challenges, struggling to reach a 60% score.

This situation can be concerning because no one wants to settle for their insurance choice university, go through clearing, or even consider retaking an exam—all because of a few topics they believed they had mastered.

Why does this happen? Well, it's because Further Maths is undeniably one of the most challenging A-Levels out there. The mathematics involved is quite demanding.

Topics Like Polar Coordinates, Integration, Roots of Complex Numbers, Further Stats & Mech Can Be Real Headaches Due To Their Complexity.

I Remember My Own Experience With A-Level Further Maths... It Gave Me Headaches And A Lot Of Stress.

You Might Think You've Got It All Figured Out Until You Encounter An Exam Question That Looks Completely Different, And You End Up With A Disappointing 3/15.

Your mind goes blank and your confidence drops... the strong mathematician you once thought you were comes in question... Then this happens again on the next question, and the next, until suddenly, you've barely scored 50%.

I found myself flipping through multiple textbooks and markschemes, desperately trying to understand what was needed. Unfortunately, it didn't help.

But then, one day, I tried a different approach.

Instead of memorising markschemes and textbooks, hoping the exam would resemble previous years, I focused on truly understanding mathematics at a deeper level.

This method of deep mathematical understanding led me to achieve two Masters in Mathematics, one from UCL in MSc Financial Mathematics.

*Limited Spaces. We only work with a handful of students at a time. Both Parents & Students must be present*

Problems With Most Forms Of Tutoring

  • Relying On School

  • Relying On YouTube

  • Relying On Face-To-Face Tuition

  • Relying on automated courses

  • Relying on 1:1 Online Tutors

PROBLEM 1: Relying On School

The issue with just relying on school is that your child will never get ahead. Your child's teacher may be great but it's difficult for them to help everyone in more detail... Or perhaps they're not that great and your child is left confused when their class is over.

The environment in school isn't a winning environment, as not everyone wants to do well. 

If relying on school really worked well, then why is it that students still can't get the top grades? All the extra exam classes that schools offer is great. But what if the teacher isn't great, or your child is scared to raise their hand, or even worse... their teacher has made your child doubt their own confidence and ability to succeed? 

Simply put, your child needs a coach to give them the best chance to succeed in their A-Level Maths. They need to be taught by someone who knows what they're doing in a structured process that creates discipline and routine. Allowing them to get in more hours of maths, with understanding and multiple ways of accessing support in the subject. 

If your son/daughter needs better grades, then they need to try a different approach. Relying on school won't solve the problem. 

Introducing... The New Way

The Further Maths Mastery Method

1) True Mastery: Understand The Topic From Its Core Fundamentals To The Most Challenging Problems. Take Note Of Key Concepts And Apply Them In Solving Questions.

2) Effective Repetition: While Textbook Questions Are Helpful, They're Not Sufficient. You Need To Tackle Plenty Of Challenging Past Paper Questions For Effective Practice.

3) Exam Simulation: Regularly Practice Exam Papers Under Actual Exam Conditions. Studying With Headphones On And Social Media Distractions Won't Cut It. To Prepare For An Exam, You Must Practice Problems As If You Were In The Exam Room.

4) Tracking Progress & Addressing Weaknesses: After Completing The First Three Steps, You'll Know Where You Need Help And What Needs Improvement. This Eliminates Uncertainty And Helps You Identify Your Areas Of Difficulty.

5) Teaching Back: When You Can Explain A Topic To Your Friends As If You Were Their Tutor, And You Can Confidently Answer Any Question They Throw At You, That's When You Truly Understand The Subject. I Help My Students Reach This Level Of Understanding So They Can Become True Mathematicians.

*Limited Spaces. We only work with a handful of students at a time. Both Parents & Students must be present*

Why Our Structure Wins

  • We Provide Students With A structure in the week helping them build discipline & routine. they will know exactly what to revise, when to revise and how to revise.
  • We Teach Students Interactively... Where we get the student to relay the solution back to us helping them understand at a higher level.
  • in every single lesson we go from the fundamentals all the way to the tough exam questions from the new specification. We show students every single step & all possible methods so they're armed with all the tools needed to be successful in A-level maths & Further Maths. 
  • we give students regular homework and feedback so they can practise more maths in the week (Without them getting burnt out & allowing them time to spend on their other subjects)
  • students get access to never before seen difficult exam questions that i write myself that minic the difficult of the new a-level Further maths specification. 
  • our whole process relies on knowing how to think and knowing what to do with a heavy exam focus
  • Students Have Unlimited Access To Our Community Support Group To Ask For Help Making Revision Less Daunting
  • Students Can Also Get 1:1 Support On Topics They Need The Most Help With Whilst Following Our Process. So They Have A Set Plan & Can Bring Up Any Weak Links. 

These Five Pillars & This Online Course Structure Format Form The Foundation Of My Further Maths Mastery Programs.

If Your Child Consistently Learns Further Maths With A Deep Understanding, Follows A Structured Learning Schedule, Receives Support When Needed, And Progresses Efficiently, Their Further Maths Performance Will Undoubtedly Improve.

Studying Further Maths Alone Can Be Challenging.

You Need To Be Part Of A Program That Provides Support While Pushing You Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Ensure Your Understanding Is As Solid As It Should Be.

Our Courses Are Tailored To The AQA & Edexcel Exam Boards, And There's Nothing Like This For A-Level Further Maths In The UK.

Join Us For An Information Session To Learn More About How Our Tuition Works, The Syllabus We Cover, Scheduling, Pricing, And An Opportunity To Ask Any Questions You May Have.

I'm Looking Forward To Speaking With You Soon.

Amrit Shinh. You can check our reviews from a-Level Maths Mastery here.

About The Founder, Amrit Shinh

Hi my name is Amrit Shinh. With two mathematical master's degrees (one from a top 10 university in the world), an A-Level Mathematics & Further Mathematics teacher for three years and almost a decade working as a private tutor (3000+ hours)- I am very confident in my ability to make a powerful and positive difference to your child's studies.

The pressure put on students to perform is immense as most university offers are AAA... We hear students complaining about their teachers all the time.

They go through A-Level topics way too fast and don’t give the students time to practice and work through the tough sections.

Schools are leaving students confused; they’re not explaining the topics or content clearly.

I see it daily, and I would feel extremely stressed out and overwhelmed too. I get it.

So, my mission is to help students enjoy the subject and excel in it, using my unique 4-step process called the 'Further Maths Mastery Method.'

What makes A-Level Further Maths Mastery superior to any face-to-face option is that we base our approach on 5 fundamental philosophies that improve student results, we’re an online education company, we offer more points of contact for support and we help students create better habits & routines.

Fun fact: My teacher who taught me in A-Levels is the AQA examiner. 

So you're in good hands.

MSc Financial Maths, University College London

MMATH Master of Maths, University of Leicester

I'm not trying to impress you with my two masters degrees in maths. I'm trying to impress upon you that I can help.

More importantly what we achieve with our students will blow you away.

I'm here to give back and help students who want the best grades, who are willing to put in the hard work... but can't seem to get the results they want or are capable of.

A-Level Further Maths Mastery changes that.

I knew I could help students all over the country and didn't want to be limited to my physical

location to tutor students in person.

I wish that opportunities like this were established and available when I was growing up, but I’m offering it now, which will make a difference.

A-Level Further Maths Mastery is here for your peace of mind and your child’s future. Don’t lose sight of how fragile and unpredictable the future is.

Ready To Help Your Child Have A Successful Future By Getting An A/A* in A-Level Further Maths? 

They Can Start Seeing Results In As Little As 4-16 Weeks


Common Questions From Parents

Sounds great, how does it work?

Our process uses a 4-step unique learning method called the Further Maths Mastery Method.

Simply attend our information session on how we operate, click the big orange button on this page, book a call and you'll be sent over our training video, which dives deeper into the process.

Our program is invitation only as we need to determine if we can help you/your child before proceeding with the program.

How much will this cost?

Less than 1:1 tutor if you break it down. We go through on our information session. 

Is this legit?


I understand where you’re coming from - there 

are many shady online companies out there. We’re not one of them.

Just see our testimonials

We focus on delivering results, providing a rock star service and generating student results. 

What makes this different?

Our webinar explains this in great detail. 

We use a unique 4 step learning process called the Accelerator Method. There is no other Alevel Maths offer like this online.

Enter your info by clicking the orange button, book a call and you'll be sent the webinar straight to your inbox.

You could be watching this exclusive webinar in the next 2-3 mins.

We are getting a lot of enquiries from parents so I recommend to get in touch quickly before spaces run out. The exam is coming closer and closer each day. 

Do you offer a trial?

You will get to see first hand how our process works when you click the orange button, and book a call on the next page.

On the call we will see if we can help, and if we can we show you everything you need which is essentially your trial. 

However we want students & parents who are committed to getting results.

When you join university... There is no trial. You do the course and see it through. 

When you start a new job, there isn't really a trial. You do your job & see it through. 

In order to get results in life you need to go all in and be committed. 

Because the only way a transformation occurs is through full commitment to getting results. 

Imagine someone who wanted to lose weight with a personal trainer, and they wanted to trial it out...

Let's be honest are they really going to put 100% effort in?


As we get a lot of enquiries and demand, we don't have the bandwidth to offer trials after your call.

Before you speak with us you'll also receive 6-8 sample lessons to watch, so you can see if you like the process :)

However this isn't a bad thing, it means that if you like what we do, you'll start seeing results FASTER as you'll be fully committed to the process. 

So what would be involved?

We Teach Students Using Our 'Neuro Cognition Questioning' Teaching Style Which Enables Students To Understand Maths At A Higher Level And Create More 'Aha Moments'

We Help Our Students Become Faster And More Agile Mathematicians Allowing Them To Go Through The Paper At A Good Pace. Saving More Time For The Tough Problems

All Our Lessons Have A Heavy Focus On Exam Questions, Technique & Application So Students Can Feel Prepared & Confident  

We Help Our Students Have Discipline, Routine, Structure & Better Habits. So They Can Develop Successful Traits Needed To Succeed In Their Studies & In Life

We Help Students Stay Organised With Our Own Student Portal Where They Can Access All Recorded Lessons, Resources & Our Support System. Making Revision Fun.

A Plethora Of Lesson Workbooks, Exam Question Packs And Problem Sheets For Each Topic. All With Full Written Model Solutions. So They Can Learn, Conquer & Assess.

All Of Our Lessons Are Taught Live & Are Recorded So Students Can Rewatch Lessons To Aid With Revision. Most Tutors & Schools Do Not Record Lessons. 

Students Have Unlimited Access To Our Community Support Group To Ask For Help Making Revision Less Daunting

Fully Structured Curriculum And An Easy To Follow Weekly Progress Tracker So Students Can Prepare For Each Lesson & Know What Their Focus Needs To Be. We Cover The Whole A-Level Syllabus.

Feedback Analysis So Students Work Can Be Assessed Giving Them Confidence That They're On Track

Can we know a little bit more about you?

Hi I'm Amrit Shinh. A Mathematician and company owner of A-Level Maths Mastery. 

Here are some facts about me

  • I enjoy playing chess (and winning)
  • I enjoy strength training and fitness. I lost 50lbs of fat from when I was a teenager. 
  • I'm a big believer in having the right mindset to create a life that you want. 
  • I love meeting up with my friends and catching up on old times
  • I have three siblings (I'm the eldest)
  • I recently got married 
  • My favourite restaurant is Nandos!
  • I hold two masters degrees in mathematics. MMATH from University of Leicester and a MSC in Financial Maths from University College London.

Is online learning right for my child?


Your child makes use of technology nowadays

more than ever before.

Harness positively: use technology to help them succeed rather than distract them.

With online learning, and in our company, we make sure we can give students MORE VALUE than what they'd get with a regular tutor.

The first pillar of our process focuses on mindset, time planning, habits & accountability.

Without this, the student will never succeed.

When it comes to the actual maths side of things... We record our lessons, teach interactively, give pre-call handouts with solutions, homework with solutions and problem classes on exam questions... AND SO MUCH MORE...

Another pillar of our unique process is creating a winning environment.

If you were to send your child to climb Mount Everest, would you send them with just an instructor?

Or with a team of people who are just as motivated?

You do not get this with any other tutoring service, be it online or in-person for A-Level Maths Students.

This is the same process I used to successfully crush my university exams.

I want to share this with A-Level Maths students who want to succeed and have a better future.

What's the cost of not taking action? Immense.

Sometimes as a parent, you need to use your own intuition rather than your child’s when choosing the right method for seeking additional help/guidance for A-Level Maths.

Click the orange button on this page and enter your details for the next steps.

How long have you been doing this?

My 4-step process for private tutoring has changed students’ lives for almost 10 years, and when I was teaching in college & secondary school for 3 years.

I've used this system with other students with  awesome results. 

I'm extremely confident in what I do. I wouldn't have started this company 


What payment methods do you accept?

We want to make payments fast easy & hassle free. We use a secure 256-bit encrypted checkout software which accepts all major credit & debit cards. We also accept Apple Pay, Google Pay & Direct bank transfer. 

What are the benefits of joining?

After going through our process your child will

- Be able to feel more confident in school, assessments and homework

- They won't stress out about revision

- They'll be ahead of the class,.. Meaning they'll have a higher probability of getting 2-3 grades higher in their final exam. 

- They'll be able to break down exam questions quickly into small easy chunks

- They'll be able to finish the exam paper faster allowing them to have more time to focus on the difficult questions

- They'll have lifetime access to all our lessons & resources making revision FUN. 

- They'll be able to have a top predicated grade for UCAS

- They'll get a top final grade when they open that brown envelope in August.

- They'll have a higher quality CV due to getting into their top choice uni. 

- They'll have a higher chance of landing a top lucrative job in an industry they have an interest in. So they will no longer need to rely on the bank of mum and dad. 

Is this one-to-one or group?

Who will get better results...

The student who see's their tutor once per week

Or the student who see's their tutor 3-4 times per week?

Of course, the student who can see their tutor multiple times per week.

Let me ask you another question... 

Who will do better...

The student who has multiple points of contact/support or the student who can only ask once per week?

Obvious, I'm sure. 

Which student will develop better habits, routine & experience real accountability...

Just being with one tutor... or being with a tutor and being surrounded with like minded students at the same level as them? 

Best way to get this point across is... Would you send your child to everest with one person? Or with a team of people? 

You can see from our results that we do works.

Our model is a hybrid. It's a mixture of small groups and 1:1 support. This allows for maximum impact, better student results, higher accountability, more support and a better experience for students. 

Can I see some sample lessons?

Yes absolutely. As soon as you book in a call to speak with me you'll receive over 6 hours of sample lessons. Click the button to proceed.

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